Thursday, July 7, 2011

Educational Kids Summers Crafts & Activities

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It can be a challenge to keep kids entertained all summer long, but these kids educational activities make it easy. This selection of kids summer toys will help too! Anyhow, I hope the links to crafts below are helpful.

This mom got the great idea to make kalideoscopes with tinfoil instead of glass. So this craft is safe for all ages! She provides detailed easy-to-follow dirrections with accompanying photographs on her blog.

These stone paintings are beautiful. Certainly little children are not going to be able to do something quite so detailed and refined. But that's what's makes this a perfect craft for moms and their kids; all ages can enjoy this craft.
Remember ant farms? Here is an easy way to build your own!

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My Favorite Bedding said...

I think kids sometimes enjoy making the craft more than they even like using it! Cute idea.