Friday, May 27, 2011

Etsy Finds - Pretty In Pink!

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When I first moved from Texas to New York City as a young woman fresh out of college, I found my style very quickly transformed to the unofficial uniform of black and neutrals. I was working long hours in an office, and everyone there shunned color in their clothing as though it was a disease. Later my grandmother pointed out that my style had changed, and urged me to bring back the bright colors I used to love into my wardrobe. "People like people who seem happy, and wearing bright colors tells people you're happy." I couldn't agree more, and now my closet is filled with purple, yellow, blue, green...and pink!

I consider pink to be the perfect color for late-spring. The pink of cherry blossoms, magnolias, pink is the theme of this week's Etsy Finds. Hope you enjoy!

This hand-painted pendant necklace is so beautiful!  A artist from Germany makes this painted polymer clay pendant, featuring her favourite flower, a rose. Each of the polymer clay pendant is carefully handpainted with acrylic paint using the tinniest brushes. Painstakingly detailed to capture the beauty of imaginary rose. Then it is coated with three coats of gloss varnish.

How cute is this strawberry ice-cream scoop necklace? The artist makes the ice cream out of polymer clay and then glues it onto a pewter spoon. The spoon is hanging on a chain necklace that is tarnish resistant. I like how playful this jewelry is...makes me so excited for the upcoming summer!

Love this vintage pink and blue bunting! Beautiful handmade bunting is perfect for birthdays and backyard tea parties. What I love about fabric bunting is that unlike most party decorations you can reuse these over and over it's ecologically friendly and more affordable in the long-run.  The artist has lots of fabric if pink and blue isn't your thing, still check out her store!

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Sue said...

Such lovely crafts! I love these:)