Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Crafts for Moms and Kids!

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Less than a week left, but there is still time for a couple of simple last minute Easter crafts. Here's a couple of fun and easy ideas I've come across lately.

Fabric Eggs
From Retro Mama, we have these adorable stuffed Easter eggs. These are great, especially if you have a bunch of leftover scrap fabric from a recent sewing project. Her tutorial shows just how simple this craft is. I can see these be a great decoration, maybe even as a garland if attached to a thick ribbon or something...

Felt Bunny Finger puppets
One Crafty Momma recently posted a couple of pictures of these cute felt bunny finger puppets. She does not provide instructions, but these look so simple and easy to figure out. I love how she mix and matches the bright colors, and uses some scrap ribbon as added decoration. I know my kids would love to play around with these.

Pompom Chicks
A craft that is perfect for kids! If you are looking for something to do after school or this coming weekend, these pompom chicks from Fioana Carter is a good place to start. These little chicks are just two pompoms glued together. If you can't find wool pompoms, I'm sure any type would still work, though these are exceptionally adorable. I love the idea of placing them in an egg carton--a perfect centerpiece for the kids table on Easter!

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