Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Give Away

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Hope you all had a great weekend! Right now I'm battling the snow a bit, but I can't complain. Congratulations to Cindy for winning the name tiles!

Every week in March we will be giving away an item to make Easter this year be extra fun for the kids.

To start off, the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co. will be giving away a personalized kids Easter bag. These kids Easter Bags are made from soft, pastel felt, and are great for toting treats or Easter eggs, and can be used from year to year. Available in pink with a bunny or blue with a cute little chick.

Here's how to win:

1. Leave a comment about your favorite Easter candy.
2. Mention how you found this site
3. Check out the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co. to see what other Easter gifts that they sell.
4. Make sure I can contact you! Either leave an email address in your comment, or make sure that you have contact information on your blog profile.

You can receive an extra entry towards this giveaway if you link to this give-away in your blog and put that link in your comment.

The give-away is open for entries until Sunday, March 8th, at 11:59 PM. Winners will be chosen at random, and announced Monday afternoon. Good luck!

Note: At this time, the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co. cannot ship give-away items internationally. They apologize for the inconvenience to all of you great people living outside of the U.S.


windycindy said...

The Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs are my favorite Easter Candy! The Easter
Bags are adorable. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks,Cindi

noreen said...

milk chocolate bunny
follow blog
Easter Bunny Plates

YZgirl4 said...

My favorite Easter candy is peeps


YZgirl4 said...

I think I found this site on google???


YZgirl4 said...

The Sheep Teething ring they sell would be perfect for my baby girl


Julie said...

My favorite Easter Candy is jelly beans. They are just so pretty and are easily used to fill a clear jar and brighten up any room. Jelly beans are often used at our house to decorate cookies, cakes, and so on..Please enter me in you give away, I have one cute easter bunny that would luv to have a gift from you!

techyone said...

Yellow Peeps are my favorite.

Mickelle said...

Those tiny purple cadbury eggs. I'm gonna buy a case when they go on after-Easter clearance. (We don't have an easter bunny... we have an Easter turtle. He's slow, but he's cheap!)

The toybox/couch combo is AWESOME!



cdziuba said...

Favorite Easter candy - Jelly Beans! Esepcailly the black ones that taste like licorice.

cdziuba said...

I found this site from my friend Sue.

cdziuba said...

I love these: Easter Cookie Presses

Add a professional touch to your cookie baking this holiday season with these vintage cookie presses. Fun and easy for kids to use, you'll have batches of delightful delectables in no time at all. Made of natural terracotta with a glazed finish. Set of 4. 2.5d x .3h

cdziuba said...

judybrittle said...

I love any kind of marshmallow filled chocolate as long as its the really soft melt in your mouth kind.
I found you through Mom Giveaways.
I just love the Bunny Hop Pop Up the Box. That is so cute! Thank you!

The Dreamer said...

1) Oh man...Cadbury eggs are my easter candy fave.
2)I found you from
3) The Birdy Bib and Burp cloth are too cute!

4) addeviant006 at gmail dot com

chris said...

I love white chocolate bunnies

Missy said...

I love those cheap little gold coins that are crunchy chocolate. I don't even know what they are called...but they are so very yummy!

April said...

I love yellow peeps at Easter. I found your blog through Prizey.

Cassie said...

What a cute giveaway! Love these bags. My favorite Easter Candy are the Nerds jelly beans.

Thanks, Cassie


Alice H said...

My favorite Easter candy are cadbury cream eggs for sure! I found you through Prizey. Warm Biscuit caries some easter cookie presses that are really cool (and seem easy to use!) - only $18 too. Thanks for the chance! alicedemske at

moushka said...


Found you on Prizey.

Preppy Mama said...

I LOVE Cadbury chocolate mini eggs!
I found you on Prizey.
And the Easter Bunny Plates are so cute!!

Terri said...

My favorite Easter candy is marshmellow Peeps!!
I found you on Prizey.
The Easter cookie presses are adorable!!

NadJen said...

I love M&Ms at Easter and all year long!
I found you via Prizey.
They have really great padKids Nap Mats on their site!

treflea4 at gmail dot com

Megret said...

1. My favorite is the robins' eggs!
2. I found this blog via Prizey.
3. I also love the Easter cookie presses!

musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

Abby said...

My personal favorite are the new Reeses eggs! YUM!

I found your site through Prizey.

Thanks for the chance!

ajcmeyer AT go DOT com

suburban prep said...

my husband and I both love the peanut butter eggs by reeces.

jamaise said...

My favorite would have to be peeps :)) They're so cute but I never feel bad for eating their little heads off!

jamaise said...

I found you at Prizey :)

jamaise said...

Ah, you just reminded me - I need to get a copy oh the Velveteen Rabbit for my son's Easter basket. I recently told him the story from my memory - a great piture book would make a nice gift :))

oona. said...

1) Blue Easter Peeps are my favorite Easter Candy!
2) Found you via
3) I love the Easter napkins, so sweet!
4) foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

liane66 said...

I love the marshmallow peeps. I was referred to this blog by a friend. And on the site I like the organic toys -- especially the learning sheep.
Thanks for the giveaway.


Mudpies and Mary Janes said...

My favortie Easter candy is the chocolate bunny on a stick from Fannie May Candies. Yum!

Xenia said...

1. Mmmmm, Cadbury Eggs with the caramel centers.
2. I found this site through Prizey.
3. The Easter Cookie Presses are really cute and would be a lot of fun in the kitchen.
4. xpsundell(at)gmail(dot)com


Whimsical Creations said...

My favorite easter candy are the easter egg shaped peanut butter cups. MMmmm

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Shelly said...

I love See's marshmallow eggs.
Follow your blog.
Great personalized Easter things you have!


reeses eggs and peeps
the bags are beyond cute
found thru searching for fabric

Heather said...

I love Cadbury Eggs and Peanut Butter Eggs. This is the first Easter that I won't be able to eat any of this - because of a change in my eating. I am already missing these good eats.

Starryphate said...

My fav would be peeps or dove chocolates.

I found this site because I was bored and was reading different blogs.

I love the organic toys. I can't get enough of them.

cstironkat said...

My favorite easter candy is chocolate covered marshmellow eggs. They even come in an egg carton.

cstironkat said...

Hasama's corner is where I found your website. Thank you.

cstironkat said...

I like the bunny napkins from warm biscuit company.

Anonymous said...

I can still taste their heavenly,, sugary sweetness melting on my tongue--thrown back instantly to Easter Day, ony six years old!
'Peeps', the pink, yellow or white bunnies/chicks, sugar covered marshmellow candies in my easter basket.....yummy
Suzy Chika

suz said...

my all time favorite....PEEPS!! the joy of sinking my teeth into their soft, sugary sweetness from easter times past---hippityhop, peep, peep! please enter me in the prize drawing, i heard about your blog from my friend jeany!! GREAT WORK!

suz c;

A Family Completed... said...

I love Cadbury egg's!
I found you on Prizey
I love the personalized girls purses.
Tonyamcrain [at]

Stephanie said...

First off let me start by saying the bags are absolutely adorable and just what I have been looking for. My favorite Easter candy are The Mini Cadbury Eggs. I can't get enough of them.

Gina said...

My favorite is Cadbury mini eggs, ohhh I just love those!!!

Gina said...

I found you via Prizey

Gina said...

I really like the Paperdoll Bedding on the website, very pretty.

Smarty Pants Mama said...

I love Peeps! The best part is that my husband hates them so they are all mine!

SmartyPantsMama < gmail < com

Carolyn G said...

I love Reeses Peanut Butter eggs!!

Leah said...

Sunspire's Spring SunDrops are my favorite Easter Candy! Mmmmm!!!

How did I find you? Through PRIZEY.

And, I so love the Bunny Hop Pop Up the Box from the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co. So adorably cute!

Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


Laureen said...

My favorite Easter candy would be any organic chocolate (and Fair Trade even better!)

Thanks for the chance to win!

lmarston at yahoo dot com

Laureen said...

I found your site on


lmarston at yahoo dot com

Laureen said...

They sell the Velveteen Rabbit Book in their Easter section. Cool.


lmarston at yahoo dot com

Donna said...

1. Peeps are the best!
2. I found this on twitter.
3. I like the Easter bibs.

sweetsue said...

My favorite Easter candy is Marshmallow Peeps-I like the pink bunnny peeps!I found you through Prizey. I also love the sweet Easter Plate on Warm Biscuit!
smchester at gmail dot com

Janell said...

I love those marshmellow much sugar..hahahaha...
I found your site through a friend.