Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Giveaway

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Hope you all had a great weekend plus a great Valentines, and happy Presidents Day!

A little bit of Presidents Day trivia for you: out of 44 presidents, 8 were left handed: James A. Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Harry S. Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Congratulations to Aura for winning a girls charm bracelet.

This week the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co. is having a huge bedding sale. So I decided to have the giveaway for some our kids pillowcases and pillows made with fun fabric prints.

For boys, choose from vintage baseball, nautical, vintage airplane, and firetruck. For girls, choose from dragonfly, tea party, pink toile, and posy pillowcases.

Here's how to win:

1. Leave a comment about the favorite part of your bedroom as a kid.
2. Mention how you found this site
3. Check out the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co. to see their kids bedding sale.
4. Make sure I can contact you! Either leave an email address in your comment, or make sure that you have contact information on your blog profile.

You can receive an extra entry towards this giveaway if you link to this give-away in your blog and put that link in your comment. Or Twitter this giveaway and follow me on Twitter.

The giveaway is open for entries until Sunday, February 22nd, at 11:59 PM. Winners will be chosen at random, and announced Monday afternoon. Good luck!

Note: At this time, the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co. cannot ship give-away items internationally. They apologize for the inconvenience to all of you great people living outside of the U.S.


Kristie said...

I remember my parents getting me a little trinkets shelf for my room. I loved putting all my little trinkets on it :-)

I found this site through Prizey.

I love the Dragonfly and the Firefighter bedding!

khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

windycindy said...

What adorable pillow cases and pillows! The bedding coordinates are so adorable. Great sale, also.
The Vintage Baseball bedding would be loved in our home. Please enter me in your fantastic giveaway drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

jenny said...

wow i have to say i realy do love every thing that well you got here at your site please enter me infor this thanks

happyathome said...

My favorite memory of my bedroom as a child was helping my mom paint it lavender and purple hearts bordering the room, it was so cute! I had my daughter's room painted with a mural of a farm scene with help from a very talented family member. She loves the fact her dog is painted on her wall! I love your bedding so much, plan on picking something out when my daughter moves into her big girl bed sometime this year. In fact, I think I will have her pick out the pattern! Great giveaway, thank you!!! Cheers!

Kelli said...

My favorite part of my room was the stuffed animals on my bed! I loved to cuddle with them! I found your blog through Hostess with the Mostess! Great site and I love all of your products! I love the nautical and sailing beddings! Also what a great selection of fabric you have! I will have to remember that next time I do a kids room!

Della said...

My favorite part of my room? Pretending I was "Mommy" and enjoying dusting, and rearranging furniture:)

Whimsical Creations said...

I loved my blue room and my curtains.

I found you a long time ago.

Thanks for the chance to win.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Amy said...

My favorite part of my room was my reading chair, I still have it now!

I am a fan of your site and visit often.

I like the Posey Bedding, the colors are great!


judybrittle said...

My favorite memory of my bedroom is sharing it with my 2 sisters. We had such good times!
I found you through Mom Giveaways
I really love the Paper Dolls crib bedding. That is so adorable! Thank you so much!

Della said...

My favorite memory? Pretending I was a "Mommy" and bossing my dolls around:)

I found your blog on the internet, searching for decorating blogs:)

mel said...

My bed was my favorite part of my room, it was tall and I had to climb up the footboard to get in.
I found you on Prizey.
Everything on the site is beautiful!


noreen said...

I had a strawberry shortcake bedspread and I lived it so much
you are on my favorites list now
Ballerina Crib Bedding is so sweet

Therese said...

My dad made one entire side of our bedroom a closet for my two sisters and me. It was huge and we could hide in there for a game.

I found this through Prizey

My grandson would love the Vintage Baseball bedding

DEBIJOT said...

My favorite memory is of my bed which was a 4-poster cherry wood bed with a lacy see through canopy. I found your site through Prizy. I love the nautical theme.

crystal said...

I loved getting to put glow-in-the-dark moon & stars set on my ceiling & I could look up and stare at it at night!

I found this site through prizey.

I love the firefighter fabric!


Abby said...

I think my favorite part was that I had a queen size bed all to myself. Years later when I grew up it sure was hard to share a bed! I was used to hogging the whole thing myself!

ajcmeyer AT go DOT com

I found this contest through Prizey.

Alice H said...

I found you through Prizey - thanks for the chance! I loved the boy/girl bedding that is reversible. Its all cute at Warm Biscuit though! alicedemske at

Danielle said...

I remember choosing my wall color after a milkshake when I was maybe 6. Funny that my mom said ok:)

Found your site via Priey

I am in LOVE with the paperdoll bedding, so vintage yet cute


Faith said...

y favorite part of my bedroom as a child was all my dolls scattered everywhere. You could hardly see the bed there were so many.

I really love the vintage baseball bedding. My grandson would love it.

I found you through Prizey.

pinkyflamingo315 at gmail dot com

clenna said...

My favorite part of my bedroom was under the bed. I loved to put all my 'special' items in boxes under the bed. It was like a treasure chest.

clenna said...

I found this site on Prizey.

clenna said...

I checked out Warm Biscuit Bedding and fell in love with the Dragonfly design.

Beth said...

I always remember when I got a new pink bedspread - it was so soft and pretty that I always could hardly wait to go to bed. I found this site through Mom Giveaways. I love the pink toile bedding.

moushka said...

I had a canopy bed that I loved sleeping in. I always wanted curtains to go all the way around it, but alas that never happened.

Found you on Prizey.

Shelly said...

My favorite memory is getting to choose wallpaper and carpet. I loved to sit on my bed and read and do homework.

I found this site through Prizey.

I love all your bedding, especially the Dragonfly.

michelejdaley at gmail dot com

kerri69 said...

I always loved my dresser i would displays my things that I collected and also put pictures of my friends all around the mirror and I would hang my medals that i have won also it was just very sentimental to me because it was customized to my taste and what I liked as a youth

gahome2mom said...

My favorite part of my bedroom was the quilts my mom made for our beds. She is a talented quilter. The sad thing was that she sold her prettiest quilts and never made the nicest ones for our home. Thanks.


gahome2mom said...

I found your site from Prizey.


gahome2mom said...

I loved the quilt on my bed becasue it was made by my mom. Thanks.

* I found your from Prizey.
* I like the Children's Fabrics - Vintage Pink Hearts.

gahome2mom said...

Twtr: gahome2mom


Christin said...

I don't know that I had a favorite thing about my room as a child. which is why I'm ALL ABOUT making my girls' rooms as "girly" as they want.

found this site through Google.

Angelina Lucas said...

Thanks so much for asking me to share my childhood memories. I remember my parents buying me a swing which I used to sleep on it in my bedroom. I still love that swing though it is now worn out. I love everything on your website! Cute collection! I love the Vintage girl and boy print in the bedding collection!. Thanks so much.

silverhartgirl said...

My mom had beautiful shelves put in my room. I also remember reading my snoopy sheets every night before bed.
I have been here before i just keep forgetting to come back. I think i fist found you from OLS

taysmommy said...

I had a teapot lamp and I loved it! It was ALWAYS the favorite part of my bedroom. And I found your giveaway on prizey BUT I remember you when Paige at Nurse Mommy did a review for you :0

Christian Kay said...

Found this site on
As a child my favorite part of my bedroom was my bed/linens set. We didn't have much money but my grandmother was a decorator and made sure that every 2-3 years I got to makeover my bed with new linens. It was such a treat and now as an adult I have a hard time not doing the same. Problem is my taste has gotten more expensive, we can't afford it and even if we could, my husband sees it as a waste to change more than every say 5 years LOL.


jennifer57 said...

I had lavender colored walls as a child :)

Aura said...

1. As a child I had this big quilted bee with yarn legs hanging on the wall next to my bed. I used to love brading the yarn legs together at night. I also remember having a captains bed with drawers underneath. My mother let me use one drawer for my "treasures". I got free ABC stickers in a box of alphabets cereal but it only came with one of each letter so my drawer read "DRVWEP". The V was upside down and I drew the necessary lines but my family used to make fun of my treasures in the drvwep.
2. I found the site when I ordered (off ebay) adorable paper doll towels for my daughter.
3. I like the striped fabric that is on sale. If my seamestress is willing to make duvet covers and matching bumpers for my sons' room I would love to buy a few yards.

oona. said...

1. I had a dollhouse that my dad made for me, and he made all the furniture Christmas Eve too! I loved it so much.
2. I found you through Prizey.
3. I love the Paperdoll bedding for girls. My six year old would totally adore it!

Thanks for the giveaway! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

Xenia said...

1. My mom made me two huge puffy floor pillows in a great turquoise fabric when I was a kid. They were so perfect for reading or playing or just lounging.

2. I found this site through Prizey.

3. So many cute bedding choices, I think the Posy pattern is my favorite. Although the Pink Toile is really sweet too!


Kathleen said...

I loved my desk when I was a little girl. It was white with vintage looking flowers and had a hutch above it. I spent a lot of time rearranging the stuff on the shelves and doing artwork on the desk.

I have you linked to my blog, so I visit often from there.

The Vintage Airplane bedding is so cute! I'm thinking of doing a travel theme in my son's room when he moves out of the nursery, so this would be great.

I'm following you on Twitter and added this giveaway as one of my Tweets

Seeryus Mama said...

My favorite part of my bedroom as a child was my sheets. They were a flannel, soft and oh-so warm. I think there were animals on the sheets, but I can't remember!

I found your site through twitter.

The Paperdolls bedding is so perfect for my little girl!

Leah said...

I sooooo loved the closet in my bedroom when I was growing up. It was decorated with Christopher Columbus wall paper, and so magical! : )))

I found your site through Prizey.

And, I soooo love the Western 12 n Pillow from Warm Biscuit Bedding Co!! So adorably cute!

Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


Leah said...

I am following you on TWITTER....username leahita.

And, I TWITTERED about this give~away.

Thanks again! : )))


Heather said...

I had a trundle bed without the trundle installed, and I loved the 'hiding space' under my bed. It was great!
I found you through prizey!
heatherpooh (hotmail)

Caryn said...

As a kid I loved my canopy bed

I found you via Prizey

I love the train crib bedding

jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

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