Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Give-Away

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Congratulations to Carol and Noreen, the winners of last weeks Monday Give-Away. We at Warm Biscuit look forward to making a personalized pencil case for them! We hope it helps their kids stay organized this school year.

Following in line with our fabric finds of last week, our
give-away this time focuses on the upcoming holiday--Halloween! I do just love this holiday; the candy, the costumes, the parties, the spooky decorations...there is just so much to get excited about.

Perhaps its because it is the first holiday of the season, but I remember as a kid that I always anticipated Halloween with a lot of excitement. Not only was it hard to wait to don my new costume, but I was also very eager to bob for apples, take a whack at a pinata, and join my friends on a walk around the neighborhood to collect a bag full of chocolate and candies.

This week War
m Biscuit Bedding Co. is going to give away two personalized Halloween trick-or-treat bags! These bags are super cute, and any kid is sure to love them. There is a bag with ghost, a witch, a pumpkin, and a scaredy cat. Each personalized bag is hand-stitched with cut-out felt accents and soft, comfy handles.

Here's how to enter the give-away to win one of these personalized Halloween trick-or-treat bags:

1. Leave a comment on either your favorite Halloween tradition or candy.
2. Mention how you found this site
3. Check out the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co. to see what other kinds of Halloween fabrics and goodies are offered.
4. Make sure I can contact you! Either leave an email address in your comment, or make sure that you have contact information on your blog profile.

You can receive an extra entry towards this giveaway if you link to this give-away in your blog and put that link in your comment.

The give-away is open for entries until Sunday, September 13th, at 11:59PM. Winners will be chosen at random, and emailed Monday morning. Good luck!

Note: At this time, the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co. cannot ship give-away items internationally. They apologize for the inconvenience to all of you great people living outside of the U.S.


happyathome said...

Well, would hode the Reeses PB Cups because that was and is my favorite! And my daughter would LOVE the kitty bag, she is obsessed with cats right now. As for your Warm Biscuit site, love it and have been a follower for a while! Bring on the candy!

blueviolet said...

I love giving out Tootsie Roll Pops the most because I always loved when I get suckers as a child! I love the Jack o' Lantern bag at Warm Biscuit. That is so cute!

Kelly said...

I think I found your site through MomGiveaways! Thanks, such cute Halloween items!

quitecontrary1977 said...

I love watching Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on Halloween night. I found you on Mom giveaways. And I like the warm Biscuit knitted Knee Boots!

Kristie said...

My favorite Halloween candy is Candy Corn-yum! :)
I found this site through Prizey.
I love the Green Gingham fabric at Warm Biscuit!
My daughter turned 2 in the spring, so she never used to need a bag to trick or treat with. One of these would be great for her this year! (I am partial to the pumpkin, but they are all cute.)
khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

laura said...

I always loved the caramel squares candy, or a mini-snickers! Delicious. I found you via Katydid and Kid. Thanks!!
laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com

noreen said...

As soon as we finished trick or treating we always dump out our bags and trade the candy the we don't like. If no one liked the candy we would trade it for candy we were giving out.
I have you on my favorites list.
I can't wait to pick out the pencil case for my daughter.

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

Love, love some caramels or candy corn! I found your blog through the website, which I adore!

Torichamp said...

When I was a girl people used to invite you into their homes for trick or treat. They would have homemade decorated cookies, warm cider and donuts. My favorite candy was the peanut butter chews. I would eat all of my candy up and my sister would still have hers into christmas.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger we would always watch the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown as a family... now that my daughter is getting a bit older, I can't wait to do the same with her!!
I am on your email list and you are on my favorites!!

Candice said...

My favorite Halloween candy is anything that is "real" chocolate! I raid my kids' kit kat's and twix!
I love popcorn balls, too!
2) I found this site from the email newsletter that warm biscuit sends out
3) I think my older son would like the Halloween book from the warm biscuit store. He would LOVE that ghost treat bag, too!
4) onlycancan at hotmail dot com !

Beth said...

Too cool. I had no idea you had a blog.
I just love candy. But the packaging gets more fun this time of year.
I am going to try to add your link to my favorite blogs in my sidebar. Hope it works.

Naomi said...

Roo loves Halloween and Jasper will actually notice it this year. We started Trick or Treating in earnest last year and this will be Jasper's first time. I think we might even have a Halloween party for Roo's friends and start a new tradition!

jenny said...

wow thay are all so nice do i have a fav not realy but i love to win a bag for my little one so she can go out and get some candy her frist time going out and i want her to have a realy good time

Seeryus Mama said...

My favorite candy...caramel apples. YUM!! I make these for my kids now, it's messy and gooey, but lots of fun!!

I love Warm Biscuit...they have these booster seats that are just too darn cute!

I can't wait for's just a great night!

Myrinda said...

mmmm candy! I like candy corn the best! My oldest DD says she loves the "spooky" retro Halloween decorations...actually, Halloween is her favorite holiday! lol!

samsakara said...

I love eating peanut butter cups! We always bring the kids out trick or treating and watch the schools halloween parade.

Lo said...

My urban neighborhood has a Halloween parade down the main avenue, and most of the stores welcome trick or treaters. This makes a community event, and a safe (and easy) way to trick or treat in a big city with lots of apartments.

gunzie said...

My favorite candy are the Halloween M&M's, I can just eat these all the time. I found you through Prizey and I love the Halloween decorations to hang on the front door from Warm biscuit. Thanks for the great giveaway!
ann dot guns at mac dot com

Wehaf said...

I love tootsie rolls, and I only ever had the at Halloween!

I love the Jack O'Lantern bag!

urchiken at gmail dot com

NateAndJakesMom said...

I always thought I was lucky because my favorite Halloween candies are usually the ones that the other kids hated - Bit'O Honey, Almond Joy and Tootsie Rolls. Yummy!!

My next son is due to be born sometime around Halloween and I just KNOW I will have to have a Halloween themed party each year. Love their Halloween invitations!!

nateandjakesmom at gmail dot com

J. said...

I love to give out full size candy bars- the look on the kids' faces is fantastic. I was inspired to do this when I was given a full size bar as a kid and was so surprised by it.
Found you on Prizey.
Love the cat bag and the Halloween fabrics. I love old fashion holidays, even Halloween.

lindsey.hefner at said...

I love Warm Biscuits...I have to restrain myself from spending tons of money.

My favorite halloween candy, at least this year is candy corn...mixed with peanuts. It tastes like a salted nut roll. I'm doesn't have to make sense.

oona said...

My favorite Halloween candy are the little rolls of Smarties. My five year old would love the little witch treat bag. Warm Biscuit has very cute cat and skeleton door decorations. Thanks for the giveaway!


TheAngelForever said...

Love the Jack o'Lantern bag and the personalized candy bowl. My favorite Halloween candy are rolos.

Thanks for the great giveaway.

the_angel_forever at yahoo dot com

Xenia S said...

My favorite are the mini Twix... mmmmm... now that I'm thinking about them, I don't know if I'm going to be able to wait all the way until Halloween to snag a couple. I found you through Prizey!


moushka said...

Our favorite halloween tradition from when I was child and before going out into the cold night for a little ToTing, my Mom would make us a hot bowl of tomato soup with a gooey grilled cheese sandwich. I have carried this tradition on to my children. We all look forward to halloween night.

Jennifer said...

Favorite Halloween candy has to be Reeses PB Cups! I found this giveaway through the Prizey site. I've followed Warm Biscuit for a while & can't remember what specific site introduced them to me. I love their products, though. I'd love to win one of these cute bags for my nephew! Thanks for the chance! said...

I am a candy corn NUT! I can eat a whole bag in a day easily!

I found you through Prizey :)


Alice H said...

My favorite candy is candy corn for sure. I found you through Prizey - and I love all the Halloween stuff on the Warm Biscuit site, but especially the personalized candy bowl. Thanks for the chance!

Stacey said...

I LOVE candy corn and lots of other things too! I found your site on Prizey and can't wait to get your catalog!


PS said...

I love indian candy corn. The little chocolate is so good! I found you from prizey, and I LOVE the door decoration Warm Biscuit has!! FUN!

bison61 said...

my favorite candy would be Tootsie Rolls and snicker bars
I found you at Prizey
the halloween onesie and bibs at Warm Biscuit are so cute

tiramisu392 (at)

Buki Family said...

this is my son's first halloween so we are looking foward to starting our own traditions. i love reeses candy. and i love the pumpkin bag at warm biscuit!

Nadia said...

My favorite candy is Peanut M&Ms! Yum! I found out about your site via prizey. Thanks for the chance!

Lacey said...

I love minitaure snickers and peanut butter cups.

Stephanie said...

It's my mom's bday on halloween so our favorite tradition is celebrating with her. I love kit kats. Already knew about your blog so repeat customer.
tvollowitz at aol dot com

lisab form pa said...

Candy corn was my fav. I always love dressing up too. I found you on Prizey .
I love the dream pony lunch box for your site.
baksa541 @ netscape .com

Katy said...

ooooo! Reeses PB cups and caramel cubes are my fave! Well, really anything chocolate...
I found out about your site because I get the Warm Biscuit emails. love it! Putting you on my "fave blogs list" on my blog right now. :)

sahd said...

I have neighbours around and we have a halloween hunt in the house with drinks and treats and go trick or treating en masse.
I found you through Prizey.

cathyhall said...

Carving the pumkins and lighting the candles, its been a tradition for 2 yrs anyway, since my son has known whats going on.

I found you through mom giveaways. Thanks for teh contest. said...

We love Reese cups, last year I bought a cheaper version to my familys horror - will not make the same mistake again this year.

I just found you from another sites button, not sure who.

lindseyflood said...

Our favorite tradition that our family does every year is making chili and corn bread for dinner! After dinner I make homemade hot apple cider to take with us trick or treating. It keeps us nice and warm while we are out!
I found this site from your catalog that my friend gave to me. I absolutely love your vintage "trick or treat" Halloween fabric. I'd love to make a cute night gown for my daughter out of that!
I'd have to say that my favorite candy bag is the witch one. It's so cute for a little girl.
Thanks for the opportunity to win!

lindseyflood said...

Oops! I forgot to give my link to my blog where I added this giveaway to my favorite links!

cltgrace said...

We go to our annual Boo at the Zoo event, sometimes called the Zoospectacular. What fun to see the animals in our costumes & trick or treat with characters such as Elmo & Nemo. Candy - we love the mini candy bars for sure! Been a Warm Biscuit lover forever it seems. Found by way of another blogger, I believe. Thanks for hosting!

cltgrace said...

I blogged your giveaway at

Millie said...

We have painted pumpkins since my kids could finger paint...And I love to look back thru the pictures and see how they have changed and how their paintings have changed .. Thanks for the chance to win this cute prize! I found this site off of prizey and as of Warm Biscuit site... I just love the Jack o' Lantern bag... Thanks for the chance to win!

Sandy said...

favorite candy is tootsie rolls but we hand out noncandy the pumpkins and family sent me here

Natalie said...

I'm a big chocolate fan so I love the 3 Musketeers, Tootsie Rolls, Reese's PB cups, Snickers, etc. If it has chocolate then I love waistline unfortunately shows the truth in this. Lol!

I found this at Prizey. :)

I love the personalized candy bowl, so darn cute!

Thanks for the fun giveaway!

scblog at hotmail dot com

Megret said...

My favorite (and my kids') is Brach's Candy Corn! :) (and candy pumpkins, too)

I found this contest via Prizey.

Thanks for the chance! These are adorable!
musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

Sarah W. said...

My favorite part of Halloween was the awesome fall weather mixed with the anticipation of what great candy I was about to accumulate. As one of 5, we always poured our candy out on the floor when we arrived home and traded one another! So fun!

I would love this for my son!!

My email is

Sarah W. said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention I found this site via


Stacy said...

We set up our Spooky Town and really get into the spirit.


Rebecca said...

My favorite Halloween Candy is Reeses Cups :D

I have beed reading you in a feeder, and don't remember where I found you.

I really like the engraved girl's bracelet.


Rebecca said...

I blogged about this giveaway:Here


Michele said...

HI! I found your blog through Prizey!!

My favorite Halloween candy is probably KitKat....YUMMY!!! :-)

Warm Biscuit has the cutest fabrics!!

Thanks so much!
Michele R.(CA)

Lauren P said...

My favorite tradition has got to be pumpkin carving! My favorite candy is the Reese's peanut butter pumpkins. I love them because they have so much more peanut butter than a traditional Reese's cup.

galxichic (at) hotmail (dot) com

LadyBug-Kellie said...

I love dressing my daughter up in an adorable costume & taking plenty of pictures! I found this site through Prizey - so glad I did! I love Warm Biscuit!

ladeebug224 at hotmail dot com

Bebemiqui said...

I love the candy pumpkins and corn!!

janetfaye said...

I love the Autumn Harvest Candy Corn on Halloween.
I found you form Mom Giveaways email.
I like the personalized Halloween ceramic bowl and the dish.

Thank you!

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

janetfaye said...

I blogged your giveaway here:

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

gkstratos said...

Love going to the Pumpkin Patch. Found you on Prizey.

Sundi said...

My favorite Halloween tradition is going to our local Fall Fest and playing carnival games with my kids in their costumes! Great giveaway -- thanks!

michelle said...

My favorite tradition is getting all dressed up and heading to the pumpkin patch. Going on hayrides, train rides, the petting zoo with the's all so much fun. Makes for great pictures.

Ma Val said...

I love decorating our yard. Now that my kids are 2 & 4 they help me hang the "Spookies". I found you on Prizey. Warm Biscuit has some wonderful Christmas fabrics, I love the Holiday Party. Thanks.


Whimsical Creations said...

I love decorating my home with my kids. My kids look forward to doing it every year. The funniest year was when my son freaked out when I tried to take down the halloween lights. I found you from Prizey blogs e-mail. Love your shop and blog.
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

socialwork4kids said...

I love anything chocolate and PB!! Last year for my daughter's first Halloween, I hollowed out a pumpkin and cut a hole in the top and two holes in the front. I put her inside and it made for a funny and adorable greeting card. Not sure she'll fit into a pumpkin this year but definitely something to do with the next one! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

socialwork4kids said...

Oops! I forgot...I found you through Prizey. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Favorite candy round my house at Halloween are Smarties! We go trick or treating with friends. One of our neighbors does a campfire, serving hot dogs & warm cider to treaters/parents. Fun!

Nosy Rosy
Nosy Rosy Sweet Pea at sbc global dot net

Anonymous said...

Found you at Gracefull days blog~

Nosy Rosy
Nosy Rosy Sweet Pea at sbc global dot net

Kathleen said...

Ooh, I love Halloween! I've been following your blog for a while now, and have your button on mine.

My favorite things about Halloween is the costumes and the cooler weather. And my favorite candy is anything with caramel--Twix, milky way, etc.

I love your Halloween door decor; it looks charmingly old-fashioned. The personalized plate set is lovely too.

Thanks for another great giveaway, and this time I hope it's my time to win!

Panjo Kids said...

So cute! Growing up we always competed with neighbors on decorating in a surprising way. I look forward to doing that again now that I have my own family. My favorite candy is Smarties!

dixiemom7 said...

I have to say that my favorite Halloween tradition is sharing a bag of Candy Corn with my family because the first time my husband really talked to me was when he offered me some of his Candy corn from the huge bag he was enjoying. Now, we have fun combining the trick-or-treat booty of our seven kids (and sneaking some of the good stuff for ourselves) so there isn't any fighting. Have loved Warm Biscuit Co. for years, the nostalgic feel is fun and comfortable.

Jenny said...

I love to go trick-or-treating downtown in the college town where I grew up. I went as a child, and now we take my daughter. We probably won't let her eat that much of the candy, but it'll sure be fun to show off her Halloween costume! She's going to be a witch.

Found you on Prizey.

I also love the personalized candy bowl!


megankortepeter said...

I don't have any halloween traditions with my kids yet, as they are both under 3. However, it's my mom's favorite holiday and my parents anniversary is the day after so I remember them eating leftowver Halloween candy after their anniversary dinner every year.

- Marybeth I. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
- Marybeth I. said...

We dress up and go trick or treating. My oldest daughter stopped last year but I will still go out with my little

I found your site via prizey

travelingwithbaby said...

What cute bags! I love the cat...adorable. Fave candy, that's easy, ANYTHING with chocolate...esp. Cadbury's. Found your site via Prizey. I love WB's retro fabrics...I'm gonna make my boy a cool quilt one day with something inspired by retro fabrics.

drgarnecki at gmail dot com