Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crafting a Business doing what you love!

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Last week, I had my first book signing!

Kathie Fitzgerald wrote beautiful book, Crafting a Business, using entrepreneurs showcased in Country Living magazine. For those of you interested in starting your own business, race out to Barnes & Noble and pick up a copy! Loads of great ideas, tips and tricks and funny stories.

Not knowing what to expect for a Friday night gathering, I was overwhelmed with how TALENTED my co-panelists were...both Cozbi Cabrera and Elisa Strauss have not only written books (and featured cover models at right) but also were so inspiring to listen to, I was thrown into a creative tizzy.

The audience was filled with smart, creative women who had started their business or looking to take the plunge. All in all it was a very energizing and supportive venue and once again reminded me (in the middle of January duldrums!) why I started the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co.

Because I LOVE fabrics, bedding, creating, crafting and creative moms!


jpdmom said...

Ah you are famous! Congrats on beinig part of a book - I am very proud of you, and glad to know I knew you way back when! Can't wait to order the book - I need a positve book for Jan - Jan is tough!

Jamie Lentzner

Anonymous said...

Where can I find step by step information and guidance on starting a children's bedding company. I've searched the web and while most stories are inspirational and motivating, I'm still left without the how to of the business. Can you give any feedback on this?